Moving from Yorkshire, England, to Tallahassee was a huge shock to the system in so many ways – some good and some not so good. I did not realize how strange it would be to know no one at all. But that is exactly the situation that I found myself in. I did not want the pressure of jumping straight into running a full time business again when I couldn’t even find my way to the grocery store! However, news travels fast and through various new friends and volunteering at the Tallahassee Museum of History and Natural Science and Florida Wild Mammal Association people got to know that I had been a dog obedience trainer for eight years and they wanted to pick my brain.

Dog training isn’t just a 9-5 job for me. It's something that I am so passionate about that I am willing to offer help and advice wherever I can. As more people got to know what I did for a living and I made more and more contacts (both professionally and socially) I realized that my country of residence may have changed but the problems were the same and so Clever Canines LLC was opened and incorporated in April 2005.

Since opening Clever Canines I have worked with more than 500 families and their dogs.

As I only do private lessons at my client’s home or place of business I am limited as to the number of people that I can see at any one time. But, all of my clients are at different stages in training and dogs are graduating all the time. Although it is often very sad for me to say “Congratulations, you are a Clever Canine” as this may mean that I will not see them any more (I say “may” as some customers and their dogs enjoy training so much that they want to continue with lessons even after graduation!), it does mean that I have done my job, my customer is happy with their canine companion and I have space for a new client with a household and dog in need of help.

I welcome phone calls from anyone so that I can discuss your dog, his or her problems and your goals. Please, do not feel pressured. Calling me does not mean that you have to book lessons but it does mean that you can find out whether I would be suitable for your family.