Your venue (home or work), your schedule
Individual, personalized training plan
One-on-one time with an experienced professional
Training where your dog lives – not associating being good at my house and reverting back to behaving badly at home
Honest, straightforward and easy to follow programs


Dogs can be - stubborn, aggressive, fearful, misunderstood, damaged (history from a previous owner or their past), unwilling to please, ill-mannered, too energetic, too young to know any better, uneducated (they simply do not know any commands to keep them safe and make them easier to live with) and so the list goes on!!

Owners can be - too busy, too set in their ways, overwhelmed, uneducated, inexperienced, confused and, once again, so the list goes on!!

In addition to the owner’s and dog’s separate issues there are also the “together” issues – some dogs and their owners are just not well matched. For example, someone who leaves the house at 7am and does not return until 6pm is going to have a terrible time potty training a young puppy and an elderly person with limited mobility is not going to do well with a dog who has lots of energy, requires long walks and a huge amount of physical activity.

Have you trained before and failed?

Over the past two decades I have found that many of my new customers have already tried other methods of training / behaviour modification. This has its own problems – owners who are willing to do anything for their dog the first time around often lose the patience and persistence to “do it all again”. In addition, the poor dog has somewhat of an idea of the rules and methods from the previous trainer(s) and it is quite possible that both the owner and the dog will have to relearn everything!

Despite all the history and all previous training that did not work it is still possible (and very advisable) to try different training, trainers, methods and techniques – many people try hundreds of diet programs until they find one that makes sense and works for them.

If you have tried other methods before, don’t assume that I won’t be able to help you or your dog. I have spent 16 years re-educating owners and their much-loved canine companions; I am sure you are no different!